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Victoria is nothing short of amazing!

I was blown away by her expert presentation and one-on-one consultations during her workshop on enhancing your professional image. Not only does she somehow make you feel both pampered and professional, but she also offers customized practical beauty tips to give you confidence everyday.

Whether you are a seasoned warrior or a fierce princess at heart, Victoria will show you how to let your inner beauty and professionalism shine.

Emily Crookston, Creative Director & CEO, The Pocket PhD

January 18, 2017

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Before I met with Victoria during our Skype sessions I knew what style I liked and felt good about my business attire but wanted to take it up a notch. I also knew it was time for an updated hairstyle and glasses. I wear glasses and it is important for me to have the perfect look when I put them on so they complement my face and don't take away from the overall look for both business and formal wear. Victoria knew right away which glasses and hairstyles worked for me within minutes of sending pictures…

While working with Victoria I gained confidence with looking and feeling better in the choices we made together.

And as result from our work together I have completed a closet audit, worn a belt that I've had for five years but never knew what to wear with it, and I have had more compliments on my hair and I'm putting pieces of clothing together I never would have before.

My advice for those thinking about working with Victoria is to go for it. You're worth the investment.

Colleen Wietmarschen

President/Owner M. Colleen Wietmarschen LLC, Your Literary Prose

November 2, 2016

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Before I met with Victoria I was in a rut. I was putting things off until I lost some weight and got in better shape. Victoria encouraged me to embrace myself now to be the best I can be. Best advice ever! I was struggling with changes in my body shape, how to dress, style my hair and apply make-up to appear elegant, classy yet not boring (conservative) while still honouring my sporty side!

While working with Victoria via Skype I learned how to best dress for my body type, how to accessorize and what shoes to wear with each outfit. The closet audit eliminated several pieces of clothing and footwear that didn't 'work' with my needs and style. The tips and tricks I have implemented with regards to my skin care, haircare and make-up have been fantastic, a very personalized service overall.

As a result of working with Victoria I have gained confidence, looking and feeling better in the choices we made together. My advice for those thinking of working with Victoria is to go for it!

Jo-Anne Jobson

Owner, Sites Unlimited

November 2, 2016

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All I can say is WOW! I spent 90 minutes today with Victoria doing a virtual closet audit and we pulled together 4 "go to" outfits as well as got her feedback for a lot of clothes that I wear. A great use of my time (and money) because now I feel confident going out whether to a friend's BBQ, a networking event or the next conference!

Yvonne Weld,
ABLE Virtual Assistant Services
Your Virtual Assistant Matchmaker

June 29, 2016

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Before I met with Victoria I was struggling to find a professional style that I could be happy with, at a price point that was reasonable.

Victoria showed me where to shop and how to incorporate high and low pieces together in my wardrobe. I now feel confident in my professional, summer wardrobe that didn’t break the bank.

Victoria’s experience in the beauty and image industry and her ability to listen to her clients’ needs, result in a valuable investment for those who seek her services. If you are looking for personalized service to meet your image goals, I recommend Victoria.

Kate Arnold, Cash Flow Specialist


June 29, 2016

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Before working with Victoria, I was unhappy with where I was at in my life. While coaching with Victoria, I gained a better direction for my future, figured out the next steps to take to help myself move forward in my life and gained clarity on what I could be doing with my life.

And as a result from just one coaching session, I made a commitment to making my dreams become a reality. I took steps to overcome some personal obstacles outside my comfort zone. I began asking for help to promote my services, started a Facebook group, and had business cards made. I am taking a Self-Employment Training course. I have taken steps to open my own business.

My advice for those thinking about working with Victoria is to go for it! Go in with an open mind and be prepared to learn about yourself. She will definitely help you start on the right path, and help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

Kathi Findlay

February 17, 2016

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Victoria is an engaging and enthusiastic teacher. I have enjoyed all of our time together, it was so much fun. I learned many new things.

Jenn Workshop Participant November 17, 2015

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Victoria is a great role model and always led by example! She is easy to speak to and I always felt comfortable and accepted. She has a great energy to share with the world!

Karianna Lehman Workshop Participant November 17, 2015

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Wow - what a great experience. Opening up my life and closet to Victoria was a real value-add decision. Her style assessment and wardrobe auditing process helped me make solid, informed decisions about everything in my wardrobe, i.e. items that needed to go, might still have possibilities, and were keepers. She also took the process further through helping me categorize and assess my wardrobe according to my life/work activities - helping me make wise and informed decisions on future purchases.

As an image consultant/coach, Victoria's proven ability to help people show up more beautifully and confidently, is strengthened through her awareness that the 'outer' image is strongly influenced by 'inner' (mis)perceptions and beliefs. Through her caring, knowledgeable, confident, accountable, and professional approach, getting dressed has become much easier, and actually fun. The results have left me with clearer understanding of my style, buying habits to avoid, way less 'stuff' and WAY more options! What a wonderful thing! Thanks Victoria.

Cheryl Lester Leadership Mentor-Coach Co-author 12 Steps of Self-Leadership November 17, 2015