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Victoria Baird is your audience’s segue between the women they are today and the professional, successful women they aspire to be.
What is a Style & Social? It is a fun and interactive workshop in a home party setting, where you can relax and have some fun while learning about style at the same time…. girl’s night in with a twist!

With almost 30 years in the Image & Beauty Industry, first as a Master Hairstylist and Day Spa owner, and now as a professional Image Consultant & Personal Stylist, Victoria has a wealth of expertise that is a rare find in her industry.

In her talk, You are Your Brand: Create a Premium Presence in Person, Victoria shares how she took her Day Spa from good to great, increasing her revenue 144% in just one year by implementing simple, subtle changes to her personal image.

As a speaker, she is dynamic and captivating, and engages fully with your audience – offering step-by-step, practical advice to instantly revamp their personal image in order to attract ideal or high-level clients, increase their sales and, most importantly, increase their self-confidence.

Topics covered in Victoria’s talk include:

  •  Maximizing the power of a first impression with every encounter
  •  How to create a professional image for a positive impact in your career or business
  • How to revamp your image without a trip to the mall

If desired, Victoria will also build in time for a “hot seat” participant to receive a mini style consultation and demonstrate to your audience just how easy it is to revamp their personal style and professional image!

Revamp your style: Be fabulous at every age

What to expect:

  • 3-4 hrs of fun and interactive personalized style advice (head to toe)
  • Figure out your face shape; what hairstyle & colour works best and why: hairstylist tricks, tips and techniques for styling
  • Make-up basics; daytime-night time, lessons in colour choice and application
  • Discover your body type: how to dress to for YOUR shape, minimize those trouble spots, look 10lbs thinner or how to make the hottest trends work for you
  • Colours- make them work for you, learn to choose colour that flatter you

Each event is as unique as the women that attend. Topics can vary depending on the attendees, bring your #1 style challenge or question and learn even more as others take the ‘hot seat’.

Available for 6 -10 attendees and priced per person.
Can be easily adapted for larger groups or office setting (travel may be extra).



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Audiences love Victoria Baird!

I had an opportunity to attend a presentation at which Victoria spoke about How to Attract More Clients, Business and Money By UpLeveling Yourself First. As a speaker, Victoria is confident, organized and has an approachable speaking style.
I was inspired by Victoria’s own story about how her shift to a more professional image drew a higher income clientele and dramatically increased sales in her business as a salon owner.
The content of Victoria’s presentation was relevant, relatable and fun for the audience.

Kate Arnold, Cash Flow Specialist, BALANCED

Victoria was a guest speaker at a recent client retreat that I hosted.
Her presentation was relevant, timely and content-rich. What we particularly enjoyed was the ‘hands-on’ approach she took to bringing her topic to life. The participants had an opportunity to volunteer for make-overs on the spot, which was very well received by all.
Victoria is a true professional. She came prepared – gave her presentation within the time allotment, fully engaged the audience, used humor with a topic that could be viewed as quite sensitive – and left us all wanting more.
Every professional needs to hear what Victoria has to say and, more importantly, I highly recommend her services to any entrepreneur who wants to play a bigger game! She’s your “secret sauce.”

Pat Mussieux, Founder & CEO, Steps2Happiness, Inc.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Victoria speak for many reasons. One reason being Victoria is straight forward and clear with her belief of how simple shifts can create massive, positive results in the way you are showing up in your life and business.
After implementing the simple suggestions from Victoria’s talk, with what I already had in my closet, I attracted 4 high end clients into my business within 2 days.
I am now showing up with confidence and as the CEO of my business thanks to Victoria.
Angela Smith, Warrior Spirit Coaching