Insider Secrets to Great Style – Tue, 2 April 2019

Women come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention the shape-shifting that occurs after giving birth, entering menopause and anything in between. Bring joy to getting ready in the morning, so you feel like a million bucks when you leave the house!


Say goodbye to the “one size fits all” approach to dressing and get the inside (and personalized) scoop with Victoria.



During this workshop you will learn:


  • Discover your body type: how to dress for YOUR shape, minimize those trouble spots, look 10 lbs thinner
  • How to take your outfit from good to great
  • Learn about pattern density, how to mix patterns and make stripes work for you
  • How to make the hottest trends work for you


Be ready for a night of fun & fashion.
Worksheets will be emailed in advance of workshop