DIY Closet Audit

4 Fool-Proof Strategies to Transform Your Closet from Mayhem to Magnificent


What’s lurking in your closet?

Limp shirts, pants and skirts/dresses piled high. Footwear mismatched and tossed aside.  Clothes hanging or in bags with price tags still attached and tormenting you. Dresser drawers bursting at the seams.  No pun intended!

Now, double or triple that!

Many women have more than one closet full of clothes and wear only 20% of those items 80% of the time!  If your closet looks more like the zombie apocalypse than the last episode of The Walking Dead, it’s time to take action!

“We should choose what we want to keep, not want we want to get rid of.”

Marie Kondo, author of #1 New York Times best-selling guide, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, tells us this. I totally agree with Marie’s perspective on de-cluttering any area of our life or home!

It’s Time for a Closet Audit

A wardrobe audit can be a time consuming and daunting task, but it should also be liberating and fun!

With spring around the corner now is the perfect time to clear out the clutter. You will have more options with fewer clothes, dressing will become exciting again, plus you will make room for those couple ‘must have’ items next season.

Okay, so you’ve committed to the DIY closet audit. Now where to start?

Have a “Go Hard or Go Home” attitude.

Be ruthless and realistic while keeping Marie Kondo’s advice to “keep only what sparks joy.”

Keep, Donate or Discard?

  1. a) DO set aside a full morning or afternoon to work on your closet – ALONE!
  2. b) DON’T try to tackle it bit-by-bit for an hour here and there.
  3. a) DO bring out all your clothing items, including footwear and undergarments, to be audited.
  4. b) DON’T leave any items to chance! Be sure to have all your laundry done before starting.
  5. a) DO keep items that fit well, flatter your body, and are in good shape.
  6. b) DON’T keep items that have been unworn for a year or more, do not fit properly, or are in bad shape.
  7. a) DON’T feel guilty about the items sitting in the donate pile.
  8. b) DO feel good about donating your clothes to those who are less fortunate – many will benefit from your generosity!

Alternatively – check out consignment stores to sell those higher-priced items that you’re having a hard time parting with because of how much you originally spent on them.

organized closet

An organized closet makes a world of difference!

A Few Extra Tips to Make Your Audit Go Smoothly

  1. Have a full-length mirror ready when you trying on clothing.
  2. Have several large garbage bags or boxes handy for items to discard or to donate. Be sure to get those donated items out of the house ASAP before you second-guess yourself or your decision!
  3. Last, but by no means least, enjoy the process of simplifying your life and personal style by keeping those articles of clothing that make you look and feel your best!

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Five Essentials for A Stylish Cold Weather Wardrobe

I like to say I am a true Canadian, enjoying all the seasons to the fullest, but if I had to choose one season to live in year round…it would be autumn. The crisp cool nights, warm sunny days, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot and the beauty of the fall colours – magnificent.

The season of pumpkin spice everything!

It’s also my favourite time of year for dressing. And shopping for perfect pieces to update my wardrobe to feel fresh and current.

For many, it’s launching into the season of overwhelm, you’ve survived back to school. That still leaves Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and anything in between such as a conference, birthday, wedding or anniversary celebrations to plan for.

Which usually means 1 of 2 things happen when it comes to planning/shopping for fall.

A – You do nothing, feeling closet paralysis. Wearing the same outfit over and over because it works.


B – You buy impulsively, a handful of gorgeous new items (the latest and greatest) yet are unsure of how to incorporate into your current fall wardrobe.

Recently, a client told me she now thinks of her wardrobe as a secret weapon – an army knife. One tool many ways to use it!

That analogy completely sums up how I like to create a functional and fashionable wardrobe. A collection of pieces that can be used in multiple ways – it’s sexier than it sounds, especially when infused with the latest trends.



Here are my picks as essentials for a

stylish cold weather wardrobe.


  1. Dark denim jeans. What I like about dark denim is that it can take you almost anywhere. Dressed up with pumps, blouse, and blazer on a weekday to rolled up and paired with a sweater (or tee!) and sneakers on the weekend. While I happen to be thrilled about the return of straight cut and wide legged jeans, the high waisted skinny will give you more mileage and versatility. Opt for a pair that allows a bit of breathing room from the start. Gone are the days where we need to be doing lunges to break in our denim to wear. Currently, I am a huge fan of Cabi denim, skinny but not too skinny.
  2. Classic white shirt. Maybe you have one already in your closet and are bored with wearing it the same way with a blazer for work, 9-5. Shake things up. Try tying at the waist, paired with your jeans or a leather skirt, add a statement piece of jewelry and booties for a night on the town. It makes the perfect foundation for adding a plaid poncho or your favourite chunky crew neck sweater.
  3. Tall boots. Over the knee boots have been popular the last couple years, as have booties. A boot that sits just below the knee tends to be the most flattering for all body shapes. Choosing the style and heel will depend on you and how they will be worn. A simple tall black riding boot can be paired with leggings, denim and skirts/dresses for a more casual look. The skinnier the heel the dressier your outfit becomes. Keep in mind kitten and stiletto heels don’t fare as well with gravel type surfaces. Be sure to protect your leather accordingly. A good pair of boots can last years when cared for properly.
  4. A Great Coat. The finishing pieces make all the difference in feeling put together in any season. Living in a climate that can be unpredictable from fall into winter puts us in a pickle. We want warmth and style. A long wool coat will do just that. Worn buttoned up when the weather is cold or open with a more relaxed feel with just a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for a weekend street style look on a pleasant day.
  5. Blanket Scarf. Don’t be shy about size, blanket scarves are supposed to be BIG; the word ‘blanket’ in its name says it all. Wear as a scarf or use as a wrap instead of a jacket and it’s a stylish alternative compared to a sloppy cardigan to have on hand if your office gets chilly.

Without a doubt, these five pieces will create a great foundation within your closet to be worn over and over and in different ways.


Ready to be a ninja of style but a little unsure how to turn your wardrobe into a secret weapon?

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How I took my dress from drab to fab – without a trip to the mall!

As I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day, I noticed a sale rack of summer items. My eye was instantly drawn to a chambray shift dress. I like to have a few easy dresses for hot summer days, Saturday running errands or throwing over my bikini to hit the beach.

I kept picking it up and putting it down, picking it up and putting it down, until it was finally my turn to put my groceries on the belt. I asked the cashier what the return policy was on these dresses, it was a good policy, so I yet again picked the dress up, paid and proceeded home.

One of the reasons I asked about the return policy was because I didn’t try it on – I wanted to know if I didn’t like it or if it didn’t fit properly, could I get my money back.

It fit just fine; it is super comfy, good length: coming a touch above the knees and has pockets. Got to love a dress with pockets!

But there was one issue.


I looked like I was wearing a hospital gown!



Regardless of the fact this was a casual ‘Saturday’ dress, it needed a little something-something to snazz it up. I would not be seen in a hospital gown running around town.

My creative genius was alive and excited to see what would become of this drab dress or was I destined to get my cash back?

I knew, for starters, I needed to create angles and interest but nothing over the top.
I thought about where I would potentially be wearing it; outdoor concerts, running errands, meeting friends for an iced tea on a hot summer day to name a few.

In my own closet I began by grabbing shoes without any heel or wedge, a handful of necklaces and handbags, scarves and hats to play. The scarves and hat were eliminated quickly, they brought the eye upwards but looked a little top-heavy and then still boxy from neck down.


Here are 3 looks that came together fairly quickly,

in about 20 minutes.



How I took my dress from drab to fab.

  1. Using a full-length mirror is essential for dressing and creating outfits, it helped me evaluate and identify how to snazz this dress up
  2. I tried a few different necklaces to add length, angles and interest. Creating a balanced look meant the necklace should not be too chunky or too subtle. I personally don’t have many long necklaces so I will be keeping my eyes open for another one!
  3. Experimented with handbags. I bet you won’t believe me when I tell you in my thirties, I would only have 1 handbag per season. Shocking! These days I have a collection, many bought at thrift stores and I use them all as I finish off an outfit.
  4. Choose footwear for casual comfort and a balanced look keeping in mind my outings in this dress.


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Less is more.

I was at it again yesterday, pairing down my own wardrobe with an extra 20 minutes I had between my lunch date and a client.

This spring had been so busy I hadn’t taken the time to purge myself, instead, my closet was a mess of shoes strewn on the floor, as well a handful of items to be donated and on the hangers a mix of winter items with spring/summer. I am almost embarrassed to add an unpacked box from when we moved in 9 months ago.

When I walked in to change my pants (it’s super small by the way and I am hoping for a closet system to organize better soon!) something snapped inside of me and I began to grab and toss items that needed to go.

The limited time added some pressure which made me more ruthless and thus freer by the end!

Two kitchen catcher garbage bags full and a few items my friend is happily taking – I was texting her some items during my purge I thought she would like, suit her well and appreciate since I had spent good monies on them.

We put too much value on pieces we spent good money on but continue to sit in our closet unworn.

So, how did I decide what stayed and what went?

Many of the pieces – the ones I spent more money on and still fit me well hadn’t been worn because they simply didn’t suit me anymore, so my younger girlfriend gladly took them and I feel good about that; they suit her at the stage she is at in her life.

The other items I was bored with, so they sit there waiting to be worn and not getting picked – so they went too!

I LOVE to purge. Having uncluttered space throughout my home, not just the closet feels great. So, it’s no surprise that over the next week every time I am waiting for the kettle to boil or dinner to cook, I will likely be cleaning out a drawer or two.

Is it time to re-evaluate your style and create a wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous every day? If you said HECK YES, sign up today for a complimentary Style Success Session and see how I can help!


Life Lessons Learned from My Cats

It was a cold winter night when my then boyfriend (now husband) came home after having a few beers with the guys from work (one too many…) with a beautiful black kitten he rescued from a shelter on his walk (stagger) home!

I make him sound worse than he was but truly he was a wee bit tipsy and giddy when he arrived at my apartment with Rita in tow.

Here’s the thing about love, it makes you do silly things. Things you may not have ever done yourself without falling in love with this particular person, like become a cat lover.

Fast forward thirty years to a sad Saturday morning when we said goodbye to Pepper, our beloved cat of 22 years. It was heart-wrenching. She lived with us longer than our son, any time she got sick she bounced back. Until she couldn’t or it wasn’t fair to ask her too.

It was weeks before I stopped reflectively checking the spot where her food dish was to see if it needed a top up. It was months before I felt the desire to fill the lingering quiet in the house.

One Sunday my dad called and asked if I was ready for a kitten. I was, Andrew wasn’t. Without his blessing, I said yes to my father about taking in a super friendly kitten that showed up at his door and two weeks later I was driving home with Tinkerbell in the back seat.

She was friendly, cuddled between us nightly watching Netflix in bed and she purred, holy cow she purred like no cat we had ever owned before.

She was happy. I was happy, Andrew was happy (although he wouldn’t admit it).

And then the morning of her vet appt I noticed how chubby she had gotten in the 10 days living with us.


You guessed it; she was pregnant! One week later she had a litter with five kittens, all of whom we fell madly in love with, deciding to keep two ourselves.



Between momma and her two kitties, this last year has been a whirlwind. An endless battle between me with the squirt bottle and them strutting across my counters, using the furniture as scratching posts and thinking the window screens are for scaling like a mountain.

They have also infused our home with joy, laughter, love and lessons about life.


Here’s what I have learned:

1- Be curious. Too often we go about our daily life in a robotic way, doing the same things in the same ways with the same people. Take a different route to work, cook a new recipe, explore a nearby village on the weekend and for heaven sakes ask questions about things that interest you or that you’re curious about.

2- Make time to play. Today at my fitness class the instructor used a set of dice that indicated the time allotment and exercise we would do when one of us threw the dice. The workout was intense and more fun as we moaned, groaned and teased each other after our roll. For me play time might be Saturday mornings dancing in the kitchen to my 80’s tunes as I clean or thrift store shopping with a friend to see what gems we find.

3- Napping is NOT overrated. Personally, I am not a napper, but I certainly enjoy and brag about getting a full 8 hours of sleep nightly and on occasion 10. Sleep is essential for a good overall healthy life, if you can catch a cat nap during the day go for it!




4- Ask for what you want. Wishing for our success, desires or goals does little for the outcome. While I’m all about a positive mindset and dreaming big, it’s action that seals the deal. How often have you left money or opportunity on the table because you were too shy to ask for what you want?

5- Be persistent. If there’s one thing I have learned about life it’s that timing is everything. Don’t give up, be persistent. If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Believe me, where there is a will there is a way!

6- You are worthy. Of love, affection, forgiveness, friendship and success. We all mess up from time to time. Our path isn’t straight, and our life isn’t meant to be perfect. Allow yourself to see the beauty of who you are the way our pets do. You are enough, you are worthy.

Reminding ourselves of these truths as we make our way through life can be a challenge. Sometimes we lose touch with our true identity, our authentic self. This is my personal invite for you to join Who Am I Now? a place and a chance to rediscover YOU! The woman you are meant to be.

(Surprise Getaway?) Learn what to pack like a pro?

The weekend getaway, whether with your sweetheart, girlfriends or the whole family is a well-deserved break from the regular day to day routine. I am always amazed a how refreshed I feel after a couple nights away and I don’t have a life I need an escape from! To me, travel or getaways is about exploring, discovering and adding new experiences to my life.

It’s easy to get carried away packing for a mini vacation, before you begin to pack consider:

  • Where are you going? What is the climate during your stay? Perhaps your sweetheart surprised you with a getaway weekend sans details, ask if you are going to a new climate, if they are tight-lipped, chances are they have packed your bag for you!
  •  What activities will you be doing!

Keeping in mind the questions above, all you need to do is pack a few keys pieces that will take you from day – to – night and versatile.

What to pack:

  • 2 bottoms (1 to wear for traveling, 1 packed; could be jeans, skirts, casual pants)
  •  3 tops (1 to wear for traveling, 2 packed)
  •  1 dress
  •  1 pair of comfortable shoes
  •  1 pair of dressy footwear
  •  1 set of PJs (could double for loungewear or workout clothes)
  •  1 jacket
  •  1 scarf, can be worn at neck, as a headband or used as a belt depending on length
  •  Undergarments and socks accordingly
  •  1 bathing suit (can double as a bodysuit under a pair of jeans or maxi skirt)
  •  Jewelry – keep it simple, diamond studs or hoops look great with everything, the bigger the hoop the edgier the look (add 1 statement piece if you want just in case!)


Depending on the time of year or what activities you will be doing here are some of my go-to pieces that never fail:

  • Dark denim jeans; daytime look is cuffed with sneakers, T-shirt & scarf. Think breakfast in a diner, checking out local markets and artisans or strolling Disneyland – evening look with silky cami, jacket, and heels. Great look for dining, theatre, night club or art gallery
  • Little black dress; seriously this perfect for almost anything! Casual daytime look with flats and scarf or add the heels and a smoky eye for an evening look
  •  Oversized white blouse; can be worn loose with jeans, sneakers, and scarf tied tightly at neck (think European women) or wear it tied at waist, with popped collar, with jeans or over a little black dress


My last recommendation is to have an umbrella handy. While they are easily found for purchase and even some hotels offer them to guests, I speak from experience in being caught in the rain a few times while traveling over the years and had to buy an umbrella during my getaway. I have a collection now!

These suggestions are good basics to build upon for longer trips. Because I am not currently looking at your personal wardrobe, I can only give advice based on what works for me and my clients.

If you find yourself stressing about what to pack and second-guessing what items to bring, let’s chat to see how I can help.

From Classic to Creative: 10 Evocative Special Occasion Looks

Whether it’s for a holiday party, a special occasion, or a last-minute “Want to meet for drinks?” invitation, you don’t want to have to fuss over your outfit.

With the hustle and bustle of life, you want to be able to open your closet and effortlessly pull together a memorable outfit that matches—and showcases—your style personality, right? Then all that’s left is hair and makeup, and you’re out the door.

Are you wondering if it could be this easy? Let me help!

Here are some elegant, festive outfit recipes that will keep you true to your style.

1. Reveal your dramatic style. Pick the brightest, boldest tunic top you own, and pair it with a leather skinny pant, a dark ankle-length jean, or a metallic legging. Throw on your most classic pumps, and call it party time.

2. Reveal your classic style. Black and white is always right. Gather your prettiest black and white items and mix and match pieces to see what plays well together. It could be a long black pleated skirt with a white satin blouse, or a column of black separates with a white wool coat or a black tuxedo pant with a fine silk and cashmere top. There you have it: a timeless look that’s always in style.

3. Reveal your funky style. Dress up distressed jeans with patterned or colorful pumps. Add a white silk blouse, and wear it open at the neck to show your statement necklace, dancing in the light. You’ll be dancing, too!

4. Reveal your feminine style. Wear separates in soft, blush tones. Mix up the fabrics to combine shiny finishes and matte surfaces for a lush look. Add your vintage diamonds. Absolutely irresistible.

5. Reveal your bohemian style. Layer a long ruffled sheer floral print dress over an above-the-knee slip. Add black fringed booties and chandelier earrings. Add one more favorite accessory. Your fashion statement is free and full of expression.

6. Reveal your minimalist style. Wear a black turtleneck, cigarette pants, and pointy-toed kitten heels and take the stage. Sometimes less is much, much more.

7. Reveal your creative style. Pull out a silk kimono and wear it with a slim-fitting turtleneck and patterned pants. Add fabric flats and a painted leather purse. You’re a pro at mixing prints, so go for it. Everyone will want to know more about you.

8. Reveal your glamorous style. Think movie-star glamour and pull out a faux-fur coat or cape to wear over a sultry red dress. Add hot-pink lipstick or a shade of red lipstick that blends with—but doesn’t match—your scarlet ensemble. Wear nude pumps to keep attention on your face. Heads will be turning.

9. Reveal your alluring style. Pull out a black leather pencil skirt. Add fishnet stockings and cheetah-print heels. Wear a sheer, billowy blouse with gathered cuffs. Add a couple of cocktail rings. It’s a look that exudes confidence.

10. Reveal your ’60s style. Wear high-waisted palazzo pants with a close-fitting short-sleeved angora sweater. Tie a small, subtly patterned silk scarf at the neck. Stack on bracelets or bangles. Be willing to share your Frank Sinatra playlist at the party.

Do you feel like your personal style is a combination of one or two of these looks? It’s not uncommon. I’d love to help you create outfits that not only match your style but also allow you to enter a room feeling like your best.

Call me – let’s chat about a service that’s right for you!

Dressing Up Denim

You’ve been invited to a party. The invitation calls for dressy casual. You have both dressy outfits and casual outfits in your closet but how do you mix the two? This gets my creative juices flowing and it’s where I have the most fun with my clients!

Would you be surprised if I suggested you start with jeans? Jeans aren’t right for every occasion, but with some fashion finesse, you can make them party ready.

Pretend I’m in your closet right now. Using your jeans as a base, I’m going to help you look through your tops, jackets, jewelry, shoes, and handbags for ingredients that will make you party-ready.

When you see your wardrobe through my eyes, you’ll be surprised at how effortless combing the two can be for a last-minute party invite. No stress dressing.

It all starts with the right jeans

Here’s a guideline for the best jeans to use for your casual chic or elegant casual outfit.

  1. The darker the denim, the dressier and more formal it is, which works well with the fancier items you’ll be wearing on top.
  2. If your party leans more to casual than elegant and you love jeans that are distressed in some way—holes or fading—plan to wear a dressy shoe.
  3. High-rise jeans are a great base. They’ll look great with any fanciful top or jacket.
  4. You could start with a denim jean that is coated, so it takes on a different hue. Or consider a jean with some elegant embroidery.
  5. Beware: dark indigo jeans can discolor lighter-colored leather handbags. Pay close attention to your handbag selection for the night. They can also stain any part of a lighter-colored bootie that they come into contact with.


Find unique jackets in your closet

Now let’s get to what you’re wearing on top. Jackets can play a crucial role in dressing up jeans. Leave your work jackets out of the mix for now. Focus on more festive choices and think outside the box.

This list of jacket styles will love to dress up your denim.

  1. Statement pieces like kimonos, dusters, Asian-inspired jackets, or vintage bed jackets
  2. Blazers in velvet, leather, lace or jacquard prints
  3. A tuxedo jacket
  4. Knit or woven jackets with fur trim
  5. A heavily embroidered or quilted jacket


Tops that are just right for going out

Look at your tops through a ‘dressed up casual’ lens. Do you spot tops that you may have worn in other parts of your life, but that would look well accessorized for denim outfits?

Here are some looks to consider.

  1. Blouses with statement sleeves like ruffles, ties, pleats, or ribbons
  2. Romantic blouses with lace or leather trim.
  3. A knit or woven or top in a bold, bright print
  4. A sheer print top with a camisole or bustier underneath
  5. A sweater with pearl or sequined details, or a cashmere sweater that is delicate or feminine


Jewelry selection is a must

If you’re wearing simple clothing pieces, then your jewelry choices will lift your outfit into a dressy casual party scene. Go beyond your tried-and-true everyday pieces. Consider vintage or crystal jewelry or any of your fine jewelry like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and pearls.

If you’re wearing tops that are already sequined or jeweled, then your jewelry may need to back off a little.

Here are some ideas for using accessories to make your outfit sparkle and shine.

  1. Chandelier earrings or dangly earrings
  2. Statement necklaces or double or triple layered chokers
  3. A sparkly brooch or a collection of pins worn together
  4. Bold cocktail rings, rings on many fingers, or stacks of rings on a finger or two
  5. Cuffs or layered bangles that have lots of shimmer and shine
  6. Mixing in fine jewelry with costume jewelry


Shoes matter, both functionally and fashionably

You may have shoes in your closet that will only work if you’re sitting at a table, rather than standing at a table all night. Be careful. Know whether a two-hour shoe will work or whether or not you need to wear a shoe that you can dance in all night long.

Here are some shoe choices for nightlife.

  1. High heels or kitten-heeled pumps in patent leather, exciting colors, or fabrics
  2. Comfortable flats that have fanciful details like bows, sequins, ribbons, or applique
  3. Metallic flats or booties
  4. Velvet slippers, flats or booties
  5. Heeled sandals


Handbags need to be a lot more special than your workbag

For many gatherings, the purse you choose only needs to hold your lipstick, a credit card, some cash, and your smartphone. You may have cocktail handbags that you’ve used for years. I encourage you to take a closer look at them this year. Do they still look viable or does yours need an update?

Here are some handbag selections for your jean party outfit.

  1. Smaller crossbody bag with chain straps
  2. Fabric bags made with beautiful tapestry or damask fabrics
  3. Small framed bags including vintage bags
  4. A small handbag in an intense color or a metallic
  5. Hard, rather than soft, clutch in faux reptile


Could you use a few fancy casual denim outfits in your wardrobe? I’d love to help you assemble them, so you are party ready at any moment. Or maybe you’ve realized some gaps in the “party department” of your wardrobe. Let me help you discover them. We can set up an appointment and get this party started. Call me!


Holiday Party Etiquette

We probably all have a party story to tell—one where things went horribly wrong because of something an invited guest did or did not do. And while you’ve certainly never held the role of the unthinking guest, below is a list of dos and don’ts that will have everyone talking about your party skills—in a good way.

Do pace yourself with your alcohol consumption if you’re party hopping. You don’t want to be the subject of conversation the next day because of antics that started with a little too much to drink at the first party, and then definitely too much to drink at the next. Have a plan for moderation AND a drive home.
Don’t come empty-handed to a dinner party. Bring a small host gift. Although a big bouquet of flowers might appear to be generous, a small bouquet that can easily be placed in a Mason jar is a lot easier for the host to handle. If you know the host is a foodie consider specialty olive oils, homemade treats or a bottle of wine.
Do be prepared in case the host of the party has a no-shoe rule and forgot to mention it. You may want to get a pedicure if you come sockless in your pretty party shoes. Or, if you’re wearing boots with socks, make sure you’re sporting a pair that you’re happy to show off.
Don’t arrive to a dinner party with hunger pangs. You don’t know when the host will have food ready, and you most definitely don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. It’s always good idea to eat a little something before you go. A piece of fruit and some nuts or half a sandwich could get you by until dinnertime.
Do put effort into having a party-ready outfit that shows respect and honors the dress code, if there is one. Plan your ensemble well in advance of the party so you aren’t doing any last-minute panic shopping or—worse yet—calling the host and canceling because you think you have nothing to wear.
Don’t arrive late to a dinner party. The host has a set time frame for when they would like to serve the meal. Don’t keep them waiting. If the party format is an open house, your arrival time isn’t as critical. But showing up at the last minute is tacky. You may think your entrance goes unnoticed, but it doesn’t.
Do keep your fragrances to a minimum. Not everyone loves your perfume or cologne. In fact, some people are allergic to fragrance. Be mindful of the other guests and consider going without a scent altogether.
Don’t wipe lipstick off using your host’s cloth napkins. Consider wearing a lip stain instead of a lipstick. Or have some tissues in your purse or pocket. Use them to dab your lips before they touch the linens. You can always reapply later in the powder room.
Do offer your assistance if you bring a complicated dish or dessert to share. Help serve your dish if presentation is especially important to you. Don’t make this the job of the host.
Don’t be the guest that never goes home. Unless you are staying the night at the host’s house, think about your exit plan and execute it in a timely fashion once the party has begun winding down.

3 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress This Season


The most wonderful time of the year… if you have your #LBD.

The Little Black Dress. A classic that never gets old. It is always a good choice and appropriate for most all occasions. The #LBD can be easily adapted to the event, occasion or your style personality. I took one of my little black dresses and paired it with items I already owned to create 3 totally different looks to inspire you this holiday season, whatever your event or style personality. My hair, make up and simple earrings are the same for each look.

I started with a little black dress I found at a local thrift store for $20, paired it with a small crystal drop earring, the perfection foundation to create each of these looks!

  1. Casual Style: You have a holiday party this weekend but you would rather show up in jeans and a plaid shirt. You like to be cozy and comfy. Pair your little black dress with a pair of flats – the red adds a pop of colour & glam for the season, take a blanket scarf, fold it in half to create a triangle then drape the scarf around your shoulders, pull over slightly to one side toss excess over that shoulder and hold in place with a safety pin or brooch.

  2. Classic Style: Any chance to dress up and you are in! You like understated style, sophisticated and elegant. Bring on the pearls, layer up long necklaces and add a chunky bracelet. Hosiery is sheer black, medium height black pump and a soft coloured clutch add that air of interest to your classic look.

  3. Street Style: You are anything but average and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Your style is edgy. Why would you wear anything but black? Add a choker, leather/ faux leather jacket, patterned or fish net stockings, kitten heeled booties and a studded clutch for the win.


This is my niche – my zone of brilliance. I live for re-working the pieces I’ve already got. Sometimes I’m surprised by the hidden gems I find in my own closet. I hope you feel inspired this holiday season to test out your #LBD and play a little dress up in your own closet.