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Victoria Baird Style & Image Coach

Victoria Baird
Style & Image Coach

My mission is to empower women to reach their potential, teaching them how to embrace who they are and express it through their style.

When a woman feels confident in her appearance, nothing can stop her!

As women, we experience a multitude of transitions and life changes throughout our lives. These can be changes in the roles we take on (personally and professionally), changes in our relationships, and even physical changes in body shape.

With these changes, we often lose sight of our identity and who we really are.

I know, because I’ve been there.

After 28 years as a master hairstylist and successful day spa owner, my trade had lost its appeal to me. I knew I needed a change – but I had no idea what to change or even where to begin!

After a great deal of soul-searching, I realized that what I’ve always enjoyed most about being a hairstylist and salon owner were the relationships I’d built with my clients over the years.

I have celebrated with them through marriages, career changes, births of children and grandchildren. I have hugged them and cried with them as their careers came to abrupt ends, their children moved out, their marriages broke down, and their spouses and parents passed away.

No matter where my career was going to take me next, I knew I still wanted that kind of relationship with my clients, but I wanted to give more than a quick fix with a haircut. There had to be some way that I could combine all my strengths and expertise to help my clients on a deeper level.

Then I discovered Image Consulting and Coaching.

Image Consulting/Coaching spoke to me from the very depths of my soul. It reignited my passion for the beauty and image industry. It lit up my creativity and imagination as I worked with my clients to discover new levels of confidence and project their true selves.

I knew I had found my calling. I sold my salon so I could focus on coaching my clients full-time.

Victoria Baird is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International - Canada Chapter.

Victoria Baird is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International – Canada Chapter.

It was exciting to see one client, constantly passed over for promotions because she lacked the skills and confidence to create a professional image, finally land her dream job after coaching with me.

Another client approached me, frustrated that despite having a walk-in closet filled with clothes, she could never find a single thing to wear. Together, we determined the caused of her unhappiness and simplified her life and her style with my “less clothes = more choice” approach to creating her unique image

Here’s what I know for sure: each transition we experience in life often results in feeling like the rug has been pulled out from underneath us. Our confidence wavers. We lose trust in ourselves. We stop taking care of ourselves.

Whether you are a new graduate entering the workforce for the first time, adjusting to any stage of motherhood (from pregnancy through to the empty nest!), looking to advance in your career, or figuring out who you are after a divorce or loss of a spouse – I help you to navigate through these difficult times by helping you define your personal style and develop your unique image.

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