(Surprise Getaway?) Learn what to pack like a pro?

The weekend getaway, whether with your sweetheart, girlfriends or the whole family is a well-deserved break from the regular day to day routine. I am always amazed a how refreshed I feel after a couple nights away and I don’t have a life I need an escape from! To me, travel or getaways is about exploring, discovering and adding new experiences to my life.

It’s easy to get carried away packing for a mini vacation, before you begin to pack consider:

  • Where are you going? What is the climate during your stay? Perhaps your sweetheart surprised you with a getaway weekend sans details, ask if you are going to a new climate, if they are tight-lipped, chances are they have packed your bag for you!
  •  What activities will you be doing!

Keeping in mind the questions above, all you need to do is pack a few keys pieces that will take you from day – to – night and versatile.

What to pack:

  • 2 bottoms (1 to wear for traveling, 1 packed; could be jeans, skirts, casual pants)
  •  3 tops (1 to wear for traveling, 2 packed)
  •  1 dress
  •  1 pair of comfortable shoes
  •  1 pair of dressy footwear
  •  1 set of PJs (could double for loungewear or workout clothes)
  •  1 jacket
  •  1 scarf, can be worn at neck, as a headband or used as a belt depending on length
  •  Undergarments and socks accordingly
  •  1 bathing suit (can double as a bodysuit under a pair of jeans or maxi skirt)
  •  Jewelry – keep it simple, diamond studs or hoops look great with everything, the bigger the hoop the edgier the look (add 1 statement piece if you want just in case!)


Depending on the time of year or what activities you will be doing here are some of my go-to pieces that never fail:

  • Dark denim jeans; daytime look is cuffed with sneakers, T-shirt & scarf. Think breakfast in a diner, checking out local markets and artisans or strolling Disneyland – evening look with silky cami, jacket, and heels. Great look for dining, theatre, night club or art gallery
  • Little black dress; seriously this perfect for almost anything! Casual daytime look with flats and scarf or add the heels and a smoky eye for an evening look
  •  Oversized white blouse; can be worn loose with jeans, sneakers, and scarf tied tightly at neck (think European women) or wear it tied at waist, with popped collar, with jeans or over a little black dress


My last recommendation is to have an umbrella handy. While they are easily found for purchase and even some hotels offer them to guests, I speak from experience in being caught in the rain a few times while traveling over the years and had to buy an umbrella during my getaway. I have a collection now!

These suggestions are good basics to build upon for longer trips. Because I am not currently looking at your personal wardrobe, I can only give advice based on what works for me and my clients.

If you find yourself stressing about what to pack and second-guessing what items to bring, let’s chat to see how I can help.