The One Thing You Need to Know to Layer Your Clothing and Still Look Chic!

It’s warm, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s damp, it’s windy, it’s calm, it’s sunny, and it’s dull. It’s springtime in Canada where the weather can change within minutes and “it” does! Just last weekend on my girls’ getaway in Toronto we experienced it all, even the dreaded S word – SNOW – in the middle of May. UGH.

This time there were 5 of us ladies, aged between 28-50 – what a diverse group of girlfriends I am blessed with! And this is just a few. Quality time with my friends is a priority in my life, although it’s sometimes hard to manage between all our schedules. But when we do – look out! We laugh so hard my head hurts; get into some deep meaningful conversations and the food… never a lack of good food and wine!

Why did we even pack umbrellas? It was sunny when were heading out into the city, so we were hopeful and left CanadianSeasonsthem back at the condo. We were wrong.

Not one of us was prepared in our dress for the weather, even myself – despite looking at the forecast the entire week leading up to the getaway. Maybe I was in denial or maybe I was overly optimistic; either way, I roamed the streets in a light weight leather jacket, hand and head open to the all the elements of spring that hit me. Literally hit me! It is not much fun roaming the Distillery District with a croissant in one hand and a tea in the other with sleet pelting down on me!

Clearly I don’t have ‘it’ all together all the time! For anyone who knows me well they can vouch for this! I struggle, just like the rest of you, trying to figure out what to wear each day with the erratic changes in weather. And in our defence, the weatherman has been known to make mistakes!

Mom’s old school advice holds true still in 2016. Layer up, buttercup.

Wikipedia defines Layer clothing as the wearing of multiple layers of clothing for practical or fashion purposes.


Want to layer and still look chic?


It’s simple – scarves, cardigans, tights or leggings under a skirt!

Easy to add and subtract, throw in purse or around your waist.

Let’s be honest. Aside from the weather, women’s body temperatures seem to yo-yo enough on their own. From pregnancy to menopause, dressing to adapt to our own internal furnace is tricky. What worked for us even a few months or weeks ago can change in what feels like the blink of an eye!

I love working with women in transition, experiencing life changes – and let’s face it, womanhood IS a series of transitions and changes, whether it’s (re)entering the workforce, changing careers, dating after divorce or the loss of a spouse, or even physiological – losing or gaining weight, having a baby and yes… menopause!

For those of you who are going through a transition like this, I’d love to have a chat with you – no obligation, just a chance for me to get to know you and perhaps offer a few simple tips to help you put your best self forward! Just click here and book a time on my calendar.

7 Tips From a Hair Pro to Keep Your Hair Looking Great

For 28 years I lived, ate and breathed hairstyling.

I worked with hundreds of clients. I fine-tuned my skills by testing new techniques, new colours, and new equipment – mostly by trial and error. Thankfully, the errors were few and far between! Even the odd mishaps turned into a cool new shade neither the client nor I expected. I do have a few funny stories from my time behind the chair – well, they’re funny now, but I did have panic set in at the time! One particular long term client’s hair went from blonde to pink by accident – oopsie. I did fix it, though…  it took a few tries and we had some amazing cool colours in the process! I am proud to say, in my 28 years, I never once cut off anyone’s ear, despite countless parents telling their children it would happen if they didn’t sit still!

Needless to say, I am an expert in the hair department.

Even though I have retired my scissors, I am still asked daily about hairstyles, colours, etc. for my clients, friends and new acquaintances.  Here are my top 7 tips to keep your mane looking its best!

1. Find a good stylist.

Stop complaining about your hair if you wait ‘til the last minute to book an appointment or walk-in anywhere for a haircut. It’s your own fault.

Finding a good stylist can take time. The best way is to ask others whose hair looks good, or look at salon websites for testimonials.

2. Plan ahead.

Okay, so you’ve heard great things about a particular stylist. Book an appointment now, if only for a consultation. Many stylists will offer a free 10-15 minute consult, but ask to be sure. This gives both you and the stylist to meet before the actual appointment: to see whether you are a good fit for each other and whether you like ‘feel,’ the atmosphere, of the salon.

3. Arrive to every appointment with your hair done.

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive since you’re getting your hair done at the salon! But please, do not arrive with your hair a ponytail, wet from the shower, or hidden under a ball cap. Having your hair already styled allows you to easily point out what is working for you and what isn’t.

Even if you’ve been with your stylist for years, please heed this advice! Stylists have hundreds of clients and sometimes forget from one appointment to the next those little tweaks or changes that were made the time before. Help them out. 🙂

4. Have a consultation before getting your hair wet every visit.

Again, this is for both the stylist and you! Communication is key in all relationships – make sure you both talk openly about your hair needs, including how to incorporate a hairstyle to fit both your lifestyle and your professional needs. Once you are familiar with each other, this should only take about 3 to 5 minutes at most. And don’t be afraid to be bold; if the stylist doesn’t offer this before ushering you to the shampoo basin, it is totally okay to ask!

5. Ask questions about getting the same results at home.

I feel like a broken record here, but again, communicate! Find out which products your stylist is using and how to apply them. Ask which way to blow dry and finish your style. Most stylists are happy to send you home with a product to help replicate the salon look.

6. Prebook your next appointment before leaving!

Always book your next appointment before you leave. This ensures you stay on a schedule and don’t let your locks get out of control. Your hair goes through different growth spurts throughout the year, but this trick eliminates waiting too long between appointments.

7. Enjoy this newfound friendship!

I can honestly say that most of my 28 years behind the chair didn’t feel like work. I enjoyed every day with my clients and made some amazing friendships. Stylists enjoy their time with you, making you look and feel better with a pair of scissors and a good chat.

For more advice about choosing the right style (hair or otherwise!), book a complimentary Style Success Session with me here.