Why I Started to Blog

OMG… I’m officially a blogger! After months of contemplation, ending an almost 30-year career as a hairstylist and selling my day spa, here I am at the computer and a feeling little tongue tied… or is it writer’s block? Or simply nerves? Now that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and started speaking to the world online through my blogs, do you like what I write? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but like Wayne Gretzky says, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So, here I am! Enter at your own risk!

Since you have indeed entered, I can only assume you’ve checked out – even if only briefly – my website and my first few blogs. What an exciting time – launching a new business, sharing my knowledge and expertise, and mentoring women through Image & Inspiration. My passion to empower women through discovering their unique style, strengths and beauty is unreal! To see each of them transform, look and feel more confident and live more authentically makes my heart sing.

Before working with Victoria, I was unhappy with where I was at in my life. While coaching with her, I gained a better direction for my future, figured out the next steps to take to help myself move forward and gained clarity on what I could be doing with my life. – Kathi Findlay

Truth be told, my decision to change careers mid-life scared the heck outta me. The comfort and confidence I previously held now wavers occasionally, but the comfort, confidence and vibrancy seen on the outside of the “old me” was matched with boredom, complacency and lack of creativity on the inside. Yin and yang were not balanced – the struggle was real!  The time had come to evolve, expand and blossom, to live an authentic life. How many of us are actually living authentically?


: real or genuine: not copied or false

:true and accurate

:made to be or look like an original

This is Webster’s Dictionary definition of authentic.

Ponder this for a minute……. Do you feel genuine, true to self?

I believe most of us are so caught up in the business of our daily lives and expectations that our true self becomes neglected. Over time, it gets to the point where we only catch a glimpse of our real self occasionally.

In fact, as a wife, mother and professional do you even know what you do or don’t like?

Most hours in a day are spent catering to the needs of others and putting our needs last. I have found that putting my needs first is not selfish, but in fact essential to maintaining all other areas of my life. Happy wife-happy life right? 😉

All joking aside though, this is so true. If we learn to allow ourselves some time to fill up our internal well we inevitably have more energy, patience and love to give to others.

Do you remember yourself as a child? These moments looking back can be either reminiscent with fondness or disturbing as to how different we have become. It can feel like a daunting chore to reclaim our true selves, live more authentically and blossom, but I assure you it is NOT! Do not be afraid to step into the child you once were, have some fun and be more at ease. The popularity of adult colouring books is proof WE are craving some time with our inner child!

Victoria011Living authentically does not require big changes all at once; it’s about slowly implementing hobbies and activities you once enjoyed back into your life on a regular basis. Making yourself a priority is essential to your vitality – who can’t do that? Even working full time, running a household, mothering, volunteering, etc., etc., you can make time and you are worth it!

When I am feeling outta of sync with myself and the world around me, I realize that I have forgotten to take care of myself, indulging in the little things that make me smile. Now is a good time to take some notes… this is profound what I am going to share, are you ready?

What makes my heart sing and helps me feel whole?

  • Baking,
  • walking or biking early in the morning,
  • reading a good book,
  • painting/refinishing a piece of furniture,
  • scouring antique stores for unique and interesting items, and
  • writing this blog or journaling both have been an amazing outlet!

Digging deep into your authenticity is hard work…if you are ready and want to dig deeper I suggest reading works from Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer or Brené Brown. These ‘masters’ really are profound! One common thread between each of their works is that they all emphasize honouring your own creativity. This is an absolute must, my friends!

Looking onto my own list, I see that my own simple joys do come from creative outlets and physical activity. Being physical clears my head allowing creativity, and new ideas, to surface.

I dare you this – Today, tonight or this week, carve out some time to reconnect with your inner child, be creative in whatever way works for you… doodle, bake, sign up for a painting or dance class! Step by step, brush stroke by brush stroke you, will become whole again.

Be whole, be true, be you.

And remember that you are beautiful!

7 Reasons to Hire an Image Coach

Image coaching is not only for the rich and famous. I work with many professional women, just like you!

Each client is unique in both their style and needs when working with me. Let’s dig right in and I can elaborate on the benefits of working with an expert!

1. Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

messy closet

Image courtesy of K Barker on Flickr

Is this you? Many women have more than one closet full of clothes and are only wearing 20% of those clothes regularly, whether it be out of habit, laziness, or comfort.

Hiring a professional helps you narrow down those clothes to what actually works for you: colour, shape, and design. You will be shown how to mix and match your existing items, resulting in more options with less clothes.

BONUS: You are left with a neat, organized closet that is pleasing to the eye and makes dressing a whole lot more enjoyable every day!

2. Up-Level Your Clientele

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

If your goal is to attract higher level, higher calibre, higher paying clients, you need to start looking and acting like a high level professional. Your appearance counts, from head-to-toe.

This doesn’t require a brand new wardrobe all at once! Learning how to mix and match existing pieces, how to easily update a hairstyle and becoming aware of your body language is a great starting point.

An Image Coach works with you to determine the areas where you need improvement and helps you create a plan to implement over a specific period of time.

3. Build Self-Confidence

Projecting Style

Building Self Confidence

Having clothes that fit properly, wearing colours that make you radiant, styling your hair in a way that complements your face shape, and wearing make-up that suits your skin tone makes a world of difference in gaining back your self-confidence. Focus on your natural beauty. Maximizing the areas you like best will diminish those trouble areas, boosting self esteem. You will walk tall, proud and more confident!

4. Get Clear on Your Personal Style

Lots of women are constantly shopping – trying to keep up with current trends without having any idea what really looks best on them, or what image or style they even want to represent.

An Image Coach works with you to figure out what you like and don’t like, and helps you create a personal style that suits both your professional life and your overall lifestyle.

5. Adapting to Weight Gain or Weight Loss

Significant changes in weight (up or down!) can happen at any time, but most frequently to women following childbirth as well as during the years leading up to and into menopause.

What used to look good doesn’t suit us anymore and many women have no idea how to put outfits together that fit their new bodies. This frustrating time can really do a number on your self-esteem!

An Image Coach will show you how to dress for your new body and leave you feeling good about yourself again.

6. Age-Related Changes

In addition to the menopausal weight gain (mostly around the waist), many women experience other changes including their skin tone, the elasticity of their skin, changes in hair colour and texture, and even possible hair loss.

An Image Coach will teach you new tips and tricks for the mature woman you have become, showing you how to embrace the changes and love yourself in a whole new way.

7. Navigating Through a Life Transition


Navigating a Life Transition

Graduating and beginning your career. Going back to work after raising children. Getting back in the dating game after a divorce or loss of your spouse. These are all significant times in a woman’s life!

Entering or re-entering the workforce can also be intimidating, especially at interview time. Asking for direction and support from an Image Coach will get you on the right track – looking and feeling good about yourself in a fast and fun way!

Victoria Baird works with professional and entrepreneurial women to discover their personal style, develop their personal image and brand, and build their self-confidence around their own natural beauty, so they can feel great about themselves and stand out from the competition.

Ready to kick your image up a notch? Schedule your complimentary Style Success Session with Victoria here.